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Pastor Bless and Vicky Vino

Pastor Bless and Vicky has a church near Bangkok Thailand that ministers to Cambodia Workers and their children. They pickup the children each day in a truck that needs our prayers to make it from day to day, feed the children, make sure they have their daily vitamin needs, see to any medical needs, teach them about Jesus and the bible, before taking back to their home.


They also minister to the parents who lives in  very poverish areas This is the Vision of Pastor Bless & Vicky:


1. Our church pray to serve God in the ministries which never done in Thailand.

2. Build up leaders for evangelism.

3. Evangelism for Thai people abroad.

4. Evangelism both of Thai and foreigners in Thailand.


There immediately needs are donations to help cover the cost of the following:

  • A New Truck

  • Help Cover the Cost of Feeding and medicating the Children

  • Help to cover Administration and Workers Salary

  • Short and Long Term Missionaries

  • A Perfect Opportunity for a Sister Church Project


By clicking the Donate button, your funds will go directly into the Vino's Account, or you can donate via


For more questions on how to arrange for either a missionary placement or Sister Church Project, please contact

Global United Missions at

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