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Board of Directors


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Jock and Dana Moore

Jock Moore, the founder of Global United Missions (GUM), was called to the ministry at 12 years old, under the mentorship of Bishop William Lee Bonner:( Jock thrived under the mentorship of Bishop Bonner, growing in wisdom during those formative and vital years of his life.  Though he attended a number of churches, the church that played  the next vital role was Christian Faith Center in Seattle WA where he received an eldership and was blessed to move into the next stage of his ministry.  Mr. Moore moved to Encino CA and to the mentorship of Dr. Fred Hodge, founder of Living Praise Christian Center Church, for several years. His first call, as a missionary, was to travel to Thailand.  


The vision that was revealed to him there ultimately led to the founding of Global United Missions.  In Bangkok, Thailand he met and began to do mission work with Sister Thai.  It was also in Thailand that he met Dana Caples, now his wife and ministry partner.  Together they have worked to expand the reach of GUM; their missionary zeal has led them to countries in Africa, North America, as well as Asia. It is with great humility that he continues to grow in wisdom as an evangelist and missionary. The creation of a serving board, of people with various gifts and experience, will take Global United Missions to the level necessary to complete the vision Jock was given so many years ago. 

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is Global United Missions Administrator. In 2016 I retired from work in the travel industry. Before I retired, I started to volunteer more and more time at a local megachurch, then transitioned to a small church where I am now a member of the serving board and actively seek to grow my faith. As part of that process I was recently ordained as a chaplain. Prior to retirement I was in the upper management of a company that franchised RV rental locations on an international level. This required expertise in management, training, and administration.

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Ellis and Patrica Norman

Mr. and Ms. Ellis and Patricia Norman have been married for 46 years and reside in Las Vegas Nevada; both are members of the board and she is the Missions Director of Global United Missions.   Mr. Norman received his BA from Michigan State University, MBA from the University of Chicago, and is now Prof. Emeritus of W.F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, at UNLV in Las Vegas.  As an educator of over 35 years in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry he has taught at various colleges.  Extensive travel throughout Asia, South America, Europe and North America gave him opportunities to train and consult in the area of Hotel Management and Hospitality.  Ms. Norman has an extensive background in the travel industry as an instructor at the International School of Hospitality; a Director of Meeting Planning for the National Medical Association; as President of Travel Dynamics, Inc., a proprietary school; and as a Flight Attendant for a major airline. They are both affiliated with Remnant Ministries in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tim and Laurel Veit

Tim and Laurel have been married for 30 years and reside in Henderson, NV. Tim is currently the Executive Director of Dad Inc. which is a federal grant from the Department of Health and Human Services that provides a community-based fatherhood program that includes workshops, case management, employment assistance, financial literacy, and social service referrals. Tim served for 7 years in the US Marine Corps. He retired as a Battalion Chief from the Henderson Fire Department after 30 years in Fire and EMS. Tim is the founder and CEO of Engage Life Saving Solutions a company dedicated to the community by providing lifesaving training to businesses and families. Tim received a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Lincoln Christian University. Laurel received her degree in Advertising with a minor in Marketing & Communications from Oral Roberts University. She retired from the retail fashion industry after 20 years. She has worked extensively with churches and nonprofit organizations throughout the Las Vegas area. Laurel is currently the Founder and CEO of Lavish Three, an E-commerce Home Decor, Gifts & Jewelry business with a focus on charitable giving. Tim and Laurel attend and serve at International Church of Las Vegas. They volunteer for several nonprofit organizations and love to create Kingdom connections with people, churches, and ministries.

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Jayne Savioe Post

Jayne Savioe Post was born in Montreal Quebec. She serves as Co-Pastor of Sin City Church. She has served as the Evangelist Pastor for Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jayne had the honor of creating and developing the evangelism strategy, and new believer follow-up for Central. Central Christian Church is listed in the Outreach magazine as the 7th largest church in North America. She also has served as the interim Women’s Pastor, before being promoted to the official Woman’s Pastor in 2004. Eighteen months later she promoted to Evangelist Pastor. Jayne began her undergraduate work through Lincoln Christian University at its extension campus here in Las Vegas; she graduated in 2009 Magna Cum Laude. In 2011, she was the second woman to be ordained at Central Christian Church. In 2009, she began graduate classes at Harvard Extension School with plans to graduate with a Master’s in Business Management by 2013. Currently her thoughts have shifted toward divinity with plans to pursue a Ph.D in Divinity.

Eric Post

Eric Post is president and owner of Laughter Unlimited Inc. in Henderson Nevada. He is the director, writer and one of the lead actors in the award winning Las Vegas dinner show Marriage Can Be Murder. His 14 years in Vegas has allowed him to produce and write many varied interactive entertainment events. He graduated with a BFA from California Institute of the Arts in 1981 and a Degree from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in 2005. He served 8 years as a Naval Flight officer in the United States Navy tracking submarines in the Pacific Ocean during the cold war. He taught celestial navigation at Mather AFB and while in Sacramento met his wife Jayne. Eric is a T.O. (theological offspring) and has been active in ministry for over 30 years. He has led ministries, worked in front and behind the scenes. He is willing to do whatever it takes to grow the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Eric has been married to Jayne for 24 years. They have two grown children and two Grandchildren. Eric enjoys a wide variety of interests from cooking to shooting and gardening to birding. It has been said he lives life with a smile and is always on the lookout for a good story.

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