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Like many of you, we have watched as COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) became a worldwide concern. In a matter of weeks this outbreak has spread across the globe and drastically altered the lives of millions.  As an organization, we monitor the situation closely. Our teams in many of the countries that are affected, i.e. Thailand, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, India and the Americas are suffering greatly. 


What this outbreak means as we continue the advancement of the Kingdom of God, we don’t fully know. We are actively at work on contingency plans for our yearly missions. Every day brings more information and clarity. We ask for your prayers. Some of our mission trips have been rescheduled because of the global lockdown, but we see this as the perfect time to work on our domestic community ministries, partnerships and organizational structure. 


One of our main community alliances is Messages of Faith Ministries (MOFM). Chaplains that are active within our communities in Las Vegas and work alongside Las Vegas Metro Police on the Covid -19 Task Force. We will work closely with their team in order to reach and connect many of the local churches and pastors to unite as a global network.  History has shown us how God has used difficult circumstances just like this, to grow His Kingdom and open new doors for ministry. As in all things – including this specific scenario – God can do immeasurably more than we could ever imagine and we’re eager to see how He does it this time.  Your prayers are appreciated and valued. We pray for you as well – that the Lord would use you during this time of 

uncertainty to share His love, hope, peace, and joy. How we react says a lot about where we’ve put our trust. 



Jock and Dana 

Global United Missions 

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