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Ghana, Africa

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Pastor Daniel & Jane Oduro


Rural Mission


Pastors Daniel and Jane Oduro has one of the most anointing ministries that God has blessed us to be apart of. Pastor Daniel Vision with his strategic partners  is to plant over 3000 churches in the next 5 years.


Their mission ministries include many of the following projects:

  • There Urban Project

  • Prison Outreach

  • HIV/AIDS Drug and Substance Abuse and Human right-Workshop and Leadership Training Ministry

  • Medical Team Outreach

  • Harvest Force at a Glance Agriculture

  • Village Development Program


Their Vision is to make an impact in the following areas:

  • Education

  • Manpower Development

  • Agricultural

  • Relief/Social Service/Single Parenting

  • Community Development


There immediately needs are donations to help cover the cost of the following:

  • A New Truck

  • Help Cover the Cost of Feeding and medicating the impoverished

  • Help to cover Administration and Workers Salary

  • Short and Long Term Missionaries

  • A Perfect Opportunity for a Sister Church Project


By clicking the Donate button,you can donate via


For more questions on how to arrange for either a missionary placement or Sister Church Project, please contact

Global United Missions at

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