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Football is a popular sport enjoyed by both men and women.

However, to ensure fairness during matches, specific rules must be followed. You can explore more about the latest VFF standards for 7-a-side football.

The Sports Committee is a governmental body responsible for managing football prediction soccer activities and collaborates with relevant ministries, departments, and organizations to develop sports.

Since August 2007, the Sports Committee merged with the Ministry and later became the General Department of Sports under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism from March 2008 until now (September 2022).

Article content Rules of 7-a-side football Valid goals Kick-off Ball throw and ground ball touch Throw-in Free kick Corner kick Regulations of 7-a-side football Ball Playing field Number of players Player attire Referee Assistant referees and referee secretary Match duration Starting and restarting the match Fouls and penalties in 7-a-side football Offside Penalty Foul play Rules of 7-a-side football for goalkeepers Attire Substitution Direct penalty Rules of 7-a-side football The rules of 7-a-side football consist of 17 laws. They are officially issued by the Minister - Chairman of the Sports Committee and apply uniformly in national 7-a-side football competitions and international matches in our country.

The rules above address the number of players required on the field, match duration, which goals are valid, and which are not. These laws are enforced by referees.

Valid goals The referee will acknowledge a goal when the ball has completely crossed the goal line under the crossbar, whether in the air or on the ground, except in special circumstances stipulated, such as when a player uses their hands or arms to throw, throw, or punch into the goal.

For penalty kicks, a goal is only awarded if football prediction app is shot into the opposing team's goal. The team with more goals than the other team wins.

Kick-off The defending team has the right to kick off from any position within the goal area if the ball goes out of bounds beyond the goal line.

The goalkeeper is not allowed to receive the kick to kick the ball. When the ball has not left the penalty area, the player must restart the kick. When taking a kick-off, the player is only allowed to touch the ball once. A goal is awarded when the kick-off is kicked directly into the goal.

Kick-off Kick-off Ball throw and ground ball touch Coin toss for field and ball throw. After selecting the field, both teams must stand on their own team's field, and players must stay 6 meters away from the ball. The player kicks the ball forward to start the match.

If Team A scores, Team B will get the ball, change sides from the 2nd half. The team that has not been awarded the ball in the 1st half will have the right to kick the ball in the 2nd half. A goal kick is scored directly if it goes into the goal frame.

Ground ball and ball touch Ground ball and ball touch Ground ball and ball touch

Throw-in When the ball crosses the vertical boundary inside or above the field, the last player to touch the ball will throw it back from that position onto the field. The principle is that the player stands 1 meter from the boundary, uses both hands to throw the ball onto the field. The ball is considered to be in play immediately after entering the field, and the thrower may not touch the ball if it has not touched another player's foot.

Incorrect throw-ins will be penalized by the referee and the right to throw-in will be given to the opponent. In addition, unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a warning if the opposing player raises their hand in front of the thrower.

Regulations on throwing-in for a 7-a-side football field Regulations on throwing-in for a 7-a-side football field Free kick A free kick, also known as a penalty kick, consists of two types: direct and indirect. A penalty kick is awarded after a team commits a foul against the opposing team. The ball is placed at the foul position designated by the referee, and the violating team must maintain a certain distance, with the referee marking the free kick and the fence line.

A direct free kick is when the ball is touched once and can score a goal. Whereas an indirect free kick is only recognized as a goal when the ball is touched for the 2nd time after the indirect kick is executed.

Direct and indirect free kicks

Direct and indirect free kicks

Corner kick A corner kick will be performed by the referee when the ball completely football tips for beginners goes out of bounds beyond the goal line. The attacking team will receive a corner kick at that point. The remaining team will stand behind the line according to the rules of the 6m ball.

Corner kick Corner kick Regulations of a 7-a-side football field Ball The ball in play must be a spherical shape and made of leather. Ball sizes are numbered from 1 to 5. Players over 15 years old use ball number 5 in play. Size 5 ball weighs from 410g to 450g, circumference from 68 to 70 cm and pumped tight by pressure from 0. , An der own th into


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