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Missionary Living Quarters Project



One of Global United Missions Visions and Strategies for mobilizing labourers for the field in Asia is to plant Living Quarters Projects in strategic locations. These multi-purpose facilities would serve as:

  • Mini-hubs for GUM field staff

  • Hostel style living for short-term missionaries

  • Refreshing and debriefing station for long term missionaries in the field

  • Conference and planning room with internet connection


The cost to the missionaries would be about half the amount that it would cost at the local hotel. All monies that is collected from visiting missionaries will be regenerated to support, staff, utilities...etc. other projects throughout the local areas, and openning new facilities as needed.


The cost to purchase these building range between: $80k - $150k

Rent: $1200 - $2000 Monthly

This would depend on location and country.


We also need beds, linen, furniture, appliances and office equipment !!!


"The Harvest is Ripe, but the Labourers are Few"

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Chiang Mia








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