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Pray For Las Vegas
Season of Service
MI City Fest and Global Unity Conference


A Catalyst for Engaging our City and Community

Prayer Card

  • The 2024 Season of Service is coming to the Las Vegas area, join us in prayer!

  •            □ Pray for Season of Service
               □ Pray for Guidance from the Holy Spirit
               □ Development of Prayer Team
               □ Unity Conference and Festival
               □ Pray for Unifying Las Vegas by Loving our Neighbors
               □ Pray for Healing of the Church
               □ Pray for Community Healing
               □ Pray for Helpers
               □ Pray for Supporting Ministries
               □ Praying for Families
               □ Praying for the Youth
               □ Praying for our City Leaders
               □ Praying for First Responders
               □ Pray for Season Of Service Date
               □ Pray for all Activities in 2023 leading to 2024
               □ Pray for Funding
               □ Pray for Location
               □ Pray for Participating Churches
               □ Pray for Global Network of Evangelist Festival Ministry Team that are coming from out               of State
               □ Pray for Global United Missions
  • Please send in all other Prayer request to:

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Season of Service Movement

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